Something About Fist Pump Moments…and a bit on the Olympics

a photo of a photo of some of the crowd heading to Olympic Park. Sydney 2000.

I hereby declare today Fist Pump Friday.

You know fist pumps- those tiny victories that in the scheme of things mean very little, but even so you can’t help but raise your fist in the air, pump it and wait for the music to start- Karate Kids “You’re the best around, nothings ever gonna keep you down…” Or something like that.

And today was full of them:

  • It started when I pulled up at a red traffic light just at the moment when I had to do the solo in One Directions’ “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”. No judgement please, it’s a bit of a standing joke between me and Miss 14. Fist pump.
  • Then I knocked off 3 minutes from my previous best time for 8kms of the Knackery Run*. Fist pump.
  • Then I came within a whisker of getting 3 games up in a row against Mr Completely Unbeatable in Words With Friends. He never gets beaten. Not quite as high fist pump.
  • Then I received an effusive apology email that proved I was right all along (as if there was ever any doubt) in my battle of the phone bills (see yesterdays post). Fist pump.
  • Then I drove straight into a prime car spot at the local mall (where I can never get a spot). Fist pump. It was a drive through. Double fist pump.
  • I had bought a cookbook to give to a friend for her birthday and accidentally found myself cooking from it (no judgement) and (largely because I got lime juice and palm sugar on it…and some squashed chilli on page 105) I figured I better not attempt to give her a used book. Not only was it in stock, but it was the last one. Fist pump.
  • I went to the mall without a face on and in my skungies. I saw no one I knew. Fist pump.
  • I got the last table at the local club for dinner tonight. Fist pump.

The last month has been hard. Saturn has been inconjunct my Sun & Chiron…and shortly my Moon. I’ve been worried about my Nan and worried about my parents. I think that’s why I’ve had asthma and been worried about breathing…or rather, not breathing. I’ve been worried about rejections, money and my passport in the top drawer. Oh, and did I say I’ve been worried about my Nan?

But this morning when Miss 14 and I looked at each other and raised our fists in the air, I also decided to actively look for more of them. More things to be grateful for, more things to be mindful of, more of those little wins. Sure I’m still waiting for the big wins- a publishing deal springs to mind- but in the meantime I’m sort of hoping that if I celebrate the little stuff, the things I worry about may not come to pass- and I’ll have a better time in the meantime. That’s my theory.

This week I’ve achieved my self imposed word count for the Astro manuscript every day. I’ve run the errands that needed to be run, I’ve cooked my family a healthy (ish) meal every night and there’s muffins in the Tupperware. Mum and Dad made it back ok and more importantly, made it back in time for Nan- who is still with us.

Here in Oz today was National Stress Down Day. I’ve had a few people comment that their days have been just a tad incompatible with this declaration- something that isn’t really that surprising under a Scorpio Moon. Especially when that Scorpio Moon is now only mid way through the sign she is most unhappy in and will free-wheel through the rest of Scorpio without any other planet connecting to make life easier.

In just 12 hours or so the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics will kick off. I imagine that the organising committee won’t be concentrating on either stressing down or looking at little wins. They will be using all the focused intensity a Scorpio Moon can give them (although I probably wouldn’t have advised holding a Games during a Mercury retrograde, but I guess the IOC are another group who don’t employ and astrologer on retainer). I’m excited, so I can’t begin to imagine the buzz in London today.

I remember just how it was for Sydney 2000. Despite all the naysayers and whining before hand (apparently when the Olympics come to your town it’s more fashionable to talk it down than get wrapped up in it) once they started, everyone seemed to get into the party spirit. Sort of like bad pop music that you say you can’t stand but always just have to dance to when it comes on. Most of those people who said they were going overseas for the duration stayed and had a ball. We were lucky enough to get tickets (in the ballot) to the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony, a gold medal night at the cycling and the gold medal game for football. They cost a fortune, but hey, it’s not everyday the Olympics come to your home town- is it?

Oxford Astrologer wrote a great post on the London games here. It’s interesting that with a Capricorn Midheaven on the chart she has used, a lot of the media has been around money, rules, sponsorship and boundaries.

The Sydney games (chart on astrodienst if you want a looksee) had a Pisces Ascendant (it was a dream come true and all came together when it needed to- even the trains ran on time…), Midheaven in Sag, Venus and Mercury joined in Libra and Mars in Leo…and by goodness was there a party atmosphere. There are probably charts out there cast for other times, but I happen to like this one!

I sincerely hope the same applies to London…and that I wear myself out standing to attention with tears in my eyes as the Aussie flag goes up yet again on the pool-deck… Just saying. Hashtag.

Aussie Aussie Aussie. Oi Oi Oi!

A photo of a photo I took outside the stadium before the soccer gold medal game at the 2000 Olympics.

*More of a run/walk still, but the intent is there.