Something about finding joy in things you don’t normally find joy in….

Grungy Virgo

Saturday July 13. 2013

Moon in Virgo

I’m still painting.

Yes, I know I was meant to finish yesterday, but I found myself with some other jobs- just to make sure it was all finished off properly, you understand.

How very Virgo Moon.

Anyways, this energy is with us for most of  the weekend, so we may as well just go with it.

I have problems with the Virgo Moon, I’ve said that before. Sure it’s an energy that’s in conflict with the rest of my chart, but more than that, it’s an energy that I tend to rebel against rather than go with and appreciate.

Virgo energy can be like that- unappreciated.

Contrary to the cliches, this isn’t just about getting your cleaning and filing up to date- although that’s a great use of the Virgo Moon- it’s also about finding joy and order in efficiency, productivity and usefulness…whatever form that might take in your life.

It can also be about looking more closely at or for imperfections than you need to. And, given that retrograde Mercury in Cancer is in mutual reception to the Moon in Virgo, you might find yourself harping on about these. Dare I say it? Nagging even.

Now, I know what you’re going to say- if it was done the first time I asked…if it was done right the first time…Yeah, I get that. I’m still waiting for help to move some furniture. The thing is, if you look closely, you’ll always see something that’s not quite right…The alternative? Choose only to see the whole picture…choose only to see what’s right. I’m not saying do that all the time- that’s just a little too hippy dippy- but try it today. And see what happens.

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  1. “Hippy dipy” Lol, what a groovy expression. Still, good advice, thanks. I’ve been re organising and re arranging things in the kitchen today. Have enjoyed it and wondered why i havent put things before where they are now… it’s better his way. Anyway, good luck with getting the painting finished 🙂

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