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Something about feeling the truth…

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Monday 11 November

Moon in Aquarius

Moon into Pisces

It’s a miserable, grey old day here in Sydney this Monday morning. But that’s a good thing- you see, we’re in the middle of probably what will be the hottest Spring on record and there hasn’t been any rain of merit for months. This should be enough to put the fires that are still burning around the area out.

In the skies we start the working week here in Aus with the Moon in Aquarius and Mercury about to turn direct.

Mercury direct, I hear you exclaim.

You Beauty, I hear you exclaim.

Great, I can sign that contract, take that job, buy that car, unplug my back up, change phone providers… I hear you say.

No. Not yet.

The stationing points of each retrograde periods are usually the most intense- especially if that stationing point is touching something on your chart. So keep your wits about you and use your words carefully still for now.

Veiling everything with a layer of fog, or at the very least, fine drizzle, is the background energy of this week- the trine between Mercury and Neptune.

This will peak over the next day or so as the Moon enters Pisces and as the trine exacts.

With Neptune also virtually at a standstill and soon to turn direct, the energy out there is about as Neptunian as it can be- without being Piscean.

Now, before you all bitch and complain and tell me how bad this is making you feel, let me say this- there is an up side.

Sure, if you’ve scheduled in spread-sheets and strategy sessions this week, perhaps some of those brainstorming meetings where you have to toss around a “thought” ball to inspire intelligent thinking, you’re not going to have the best of weeks.

If, however, you’re able to do some creative work, inspire others, defer important decisions for a few days, and use your imagination to solve problems in a way that will benefit more people than yourself, then you’ll finish this working week with a fist pump or two.

This is also a great time for taking the emotional temperature without having to say a word. What you’re listening for is the non-verbal queues, you’re feeling the mood. And in doing this, you’re also identifying what really makes those around you tick.

Mercury in Scorpio has the best bull-shit metre in town, but you won’t hear it in what people say- it’s in what they don’t. If you’re intuition is sending you warning signals, listen to it. That’s where you’ll find the real truth this week, so whatever you do, don’t over think it.