something about fast cars and brick walls…

Firstly, I have to thank my Facebook friend Jan, in the UK, for todays title.

Here in Australia, most of the country is in the grip of a pretty mega heat wave. Parts of Western NSW hit the Mercury today at close to 50C. Bushfires rage in Tasmania, our southern most state, with temperatures in the early 40’s- unheard of for that part of the country. Here in Western Sydney, we hit 39- that’s 102F. We have another few days of it yet, with Tuesdays temperatures expected to be even more extreme.

No sign of Libra Moon balance and moderation here at present- although there is a certain amount of lolling around happening in Chez Tracey. I’m grateful for ducted air-conditioning and a swimming pool- many others are not so fortunate.

The big aspect of the next 24 hours or so is the applying square between the Universe’s two malefics, aka the bad boys, Mars and Saturn. This is where the fast car and brick wall analogy comes into play. Love it…thanks Jan!

With a square there is tension, and with tension is potential…for either something pretty amazing or some sort of conflict. Astrology is like that- there are always a few possible outcomes.

Both protagonists are in fixed signs- Mars in in Aquarius, and Saturn is in Scorpio- so both think, sorry, know that they are right and the other is wrong. Too bad so sad, suffer in your jocks. The thing is, both may be right.

With this aspect often comes fears- fears of the unknown, pears of the paranoid, fears of failure. Some of these are real, some are not. Either can be enough to stop you in your tracks- if you choose to let it.

Another thing that often comes with this aspect is disapproval- especially from someone who knows about these things…apparently. Whichever way you turn you’re faced with human road blocks and frustrations.

Essentially, it’s up to you to listen…or not… to these people. To listen…or not…to these fears. To allow…or not…the frustrations to slow you down.

Think of the fast car and the brick wall scenario. There are two possibilities- one is messy, dangerous and expensive; the other is a potential clean break through. A bit like when Harry Potter marched through the brick wall on Kings Cross station to Platform 9 3/4…the outcome was amazing, but the alternative would have involved blood and humiliation.