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Grungy Capricorn

24 June, 2013

Moon in Capricorn

By the time this is posted I’ll be on a plane with Miss 15 on a flight to Melbourne. It’s the school holidays and we’re having a girls week with my sister and her daughter, leaving the mansion in the safe and capable hands of Mr Scorpio and the guard dogs.

I love Melbourne- and after working out of there on and off for a couple of years- know it well. I love the laneways, the climate, the coffee, the wine, the food, the green spaces, the designers, the feel. I love it. I’d love to move down, but as my husband says, ‘it’s your escape- where would you run to if you live there?’

He’s right.

I don’t want to live in Sydney for the rest of my life, but is it really a good idea to ruin a place that you love by turning it into business as usual?

I refuse to pay the costs for hotel wi fi- something seriously needs to be done about that- so will be updating my Facebook and Twitter pages from my smart phone. As for this blog? I have a heap of posts pre-scheduled.

I get that there’s plenty of amazing coffee shops that have free wifi, but I don’t suppose that I’ll be wasting daytime Melbourne time to stop and post stuff. If I do, it’ll be a bonus.

If I can (wifi permitting) I’ll pop these posts onto the Facebook page, otherwise, can I suggest that you duck in here anytime after 6am Sydney time for the days stars.

If I can (wifi permitting) I’ll pop some Melbourne-ish posts onto and anyways…, if not, you can catch up on them on my return.

Oh, the Moon is in Capricorn- I always find these days particularly melancholic, so I’m breezing across it.


  1. Have fun in my gorgeous home town of Melbourne! I am born and raised here, and apart from 13 years away in the country (with frequent visits to home) I never get bored of Melbourne. I still haven’t seen every lane way, coffee shop,etc as life just keeps you busy, even when you live here… Move on down from sin city we would love to have you become a Melbournian!!

    1. Don’t tempt me! We had an amazing time- I exhale as soon as I get off the plane at Tullamarine…

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