Something about endings, beginnings and traditions…


Sunday 1 December

Moon in Scorpio

Hooley Dooley! December already?

We have this tradition here in Chez Tracey, where the Christmas Tree goes up on the first Sunday in December. That would be today.

We have champagne, pop on Xmas music, drag out the boxes of ornaments and have some nibbly things.

None of our ornaments match and there is no colour theme to our tree. Instead, it’s a mix of whatever. Each year Miss (now 15) selects one new ornament, so what we have is now a collection of baubles collected from wherever.

The first time we did this, she was still in my belly. The next year, she reached for a gold teddy from her pram- and so it started.

I wrote about it over on the other site last year.

Anyways, the Moon is in Scorpio, so today seems like a good day to be digging deep into our emotional resources. There are no challenging aspects on the Moon’s radar today, but for those of you who find the Scorpio Moon a tad on the intense side, that’s probably a good thing.

We’re in the balsamic or dark phase of the Moon right now. That means it’s time to close something off, leave something behind, get rid of the trash.

Last month I started a new ritual of cleaning out something- just to make symbolic room for something new. That something new this month was a contribution to a weekly lifestyle radio show The Conversation Arena which has been syndicated to a number of stations here in Australia and which will be launched in the next couple of weeks.

This month, today, I’ll be tidying my filing, throwing out old bills and receipts. It’s something else that I don’t want to take into the next cycle with me.

As for the New Moon?

It’s on Tuesday morning here in Aus, and Monday afternoon and evening elsewhere. For now, look at where 10 Sagittarius 59’, ok 11 Sagittarius falls in your chart- keep your orbs to about 2 deg. That’s what this months new start is about for you. Does it aspect a planet or chart point? What house is it highlighting?

Something to think on as you go into your Sunday…