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something about empty mouth syndrome…

OK, honesty box time…anyone else out there struggling with the munchies today?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve stood in front of the open fridge looking for inspiration…and not finding it.

At first I blamed it on the numbers- I’ve been trying to get accounts up to date to take to the tax accountant this afternoon…and I hate numbers.

Then I figured it was because I hadn’t trained today. So, with all my workout clothes in the wash, I opted for some laps at the local pool. Unfortunately that coincided with sports day for the local primary school, so was not a resounding success (if you want to read why, check out my latest post on and anyways).

It was of course, the fault of the Moon. Taurus Moon nearly always equals empty mouth syndrome. And, during Taurus Moon, an empty mouth often needs filling.

Today was perhaps worse. You see, the Moon was Void of Course for most of the day- that means she wasn’t making any other aspects to anybody else and was free to do her luxuriating would you like fries with that thing.

In fact, she can do her own thing pretty well until she leaves Taurus early tomorrow afternoon (Sydney time).

Speaking of leaving signs, Venus is just a few hours away from getting a bit of her fabulousness on as she sashays into Leo. I can feel a few “sweetie, sweetie, dahlings” as we speak. Check out last years post here.

Anyways, must go, I have a fridge that needs to be chained.

Oh, I almost forgot, a special birthday shout out for tomorrow to one of my original readers and great mate. Loveya Mish.

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Ha ha, oh yes I know exactly what you mean – I’m on restricted carb as result of high carb cooking fest last year, and Taurus Moon time is not easy all it purrs and beckons towards all that sweet sweet carb delight “go on you know you want to, what’s one small danish pastry going to do?” hmmm then there is the deep red wine….and YES I WOULD LIKE FRIES WITH THAT THING!!!!!!…….so any spare locks Jo?

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