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Something about eclipses…


Moon in Capricorn

Take yesterday and repeat…except for the part about it being Miss T’s birthday…that was obviously just for yesterday.

Anyways, in lieu of anything seriously interesting happening up there, I figured I’d do a little shameless promotion of a product I truly believe in- April Elliott Kent’s Moonshadow report.

Now, this is where I have a confession to make- the name Moonshadow– reminds me of that song by Cat Stevens…you know the one, the one about being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow…

I hate the song.

It’s actually towards the top of my top ten most hated songs list- and there’s probably about 50 songs in my top 10 most hated.

So, I hate the song, but I love the report…and the name is absolutely spot on.

It’s about eclipses, you see, and what they mean personally to you in your chart.

Now, each time there’s an eclipse- and they happen four times a year (two solar, two lunar), I’ll write a bit about where they are and how you might try and do the DIY thing on your own chart in relation to them.

To really understand them, though, you need to look at the pattern, the upcoming cycle, the ones that have gone before and even the ones that occurred before you were born.

And that’s where Big Sky Astrology’s report comes in…

The Moonshadow report is personalised to you, and will talk about the aspects being made by eclipses this year and next, the eclipses that have been and the planets that are being aspected…and what it all means for you.

If you’re interested, click on the link in the side bar…you’ll see it just under the days Moon forecast.

I purchase one every two years and refer to them each eclipse season and again at the start of the year when I’m mapping my transits…in fact,  I’m off to order mine now!

In the interests of full disclosure, I get a small cut from sales of the report stemming from this website…