Neptune saturn Scorpio

something about dreams…and Scorpio…and Saturn

So the Sun is in Scorpio.

That means birthday season here in Chez Tracey. Mr T is Friday (yep, he’s having a Saturn/Sun transit), Pappa Lion (my Dad) is Monday, Mr T’s Mum is next week and Kali the wonder spaniel is on November 3.

The Sun, as I said, is in Scorpio.

The first aspect made is a trine across to Neptune.

I would normally say that this transit is one that brings energy to dreams. With the Sun in Scorpio, though, I feel that I should clarify what I mean by dreams.

I talk a lot about dreams- hello, I’m a triple Pisces with pretty well more Neptune than anyone else on the planet.

In any case, we talk a lot about dreams as though they’re good things- and, during the day, they are.

The dreams we have at night, mostly aren’t- good that is…well, with the exception of those ones. Yes, I know you have them- this is Scorpio we’re talking about, after all.

According to Ian Wallace, the author, of The Top 100 Dreams, the top 5 things people dream about are:

  1. Being chased
  2. Teeth falling out (seriously????)
  3. Being unable to find a toilet
  4. Being naked
  5. Being in an examination

My most common dream is driving on a bridge like a rollercoaster and not being able to see anything…and I dream in mini series.

The dreams we have at night expose our greatest fears and struggles- the things we don’t want to deal with during our days, the stuff we push below the surface, the confrontations we don’t want to have.

So, maybe night dreams actually really belong to Scorpio and day dreams to Neptune.

Anyways, the point is I, for one, don’t want any of my night dreams to come true…except for some of those ones…

My day dreams, the things I really want to do and go and be, well, they’re very different. These are the dreams we talk about. These are the dreams we want to come true.

So, over the next few days, the Sun will bring that wonderful Neptune trine energy back to Saturn. Given that Neptune is just a week or so away from turning direct, all of the Neptunian breath that has been directed inwards is now ready to be exhaled.

Saturn, as we know, isn’t normally a planet we associate with dreams, but now it just seems right. As one of my Facebook buddies pointed out today, Saturn is associated with structure and keeps us upright. Scorpio is supremely instinctive. Together, with Neptune in the mix, her words were that now she can feel her dreams in her bones.

How nice is that?