Daily Planets

Something about dreaming big dreams…


My imagination has been running overtime over the last day or so. I’m dreaming in technicolour mini series, and I’m seeing happy endings in the scenarios that exist only in my head.

Yes, Neptune is conjunct my Mercury again…in the 12th…and I’m itching to get it all down on virtual paper.

Today Mars trines this point, adding a little focused oomph to get the show on the road.

Yes, I know the thing with trines is that often they promise, but don’t deliver, but you know what? I don’t particularly care. It’s the possibility that keeps life interesting.


You see, in the background of all of this is the Sagittarius Moon, still linking into Uranus and the remains of yesterdays fire grand trine.

With Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury trine Uranus coming up in the next few days, don’t be surprised if todays dreams grow legs.

Another thing about dreams, and Mars, and Neptune, and Pisces and Scorpio- if your dreams can grow legs, they can either run away with you or away from you…as can you run towards them or away. Especially if the dreams are scary… It mightn’t seem obvious- it could just be your usual escape mechanisms at work. I’ll leave that one with you- but please be honest…Mars in Scorpio demands it.

As for today? Allow yourself to dream, allow yourself to dream big, and, if you are so inclined, do something about it.

How hard could it be?

big dreams