Something about doing faff all…


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Moon in Cancer

Venus trine Jupiter

Now that we’ve covered these two planets in the Toolbox sessions, you’d know that Venus and Jupiter were known by traditional astrologers as the lesser and greater benefics. Yeah, don’t worry so much about the correct technical term- the benefic part is what’s important and relevant here. Essentially this means that by nature, they’re both good guys.

Sure, good guys can behave badly from time to time- and Jupiter isn’t in the best of moods in Virgo- but newly direct, he’s feeling much better than he was even a week ago.

So, when Venus and Jupiter meet up, can we expect sweetness, grace, light, rainbows and unicorns? Probably not unicorns. All other things being equal though, if you’ve been having bad days- or good days- today could be better…relatively speaking. If, like me, you’re on holiday, it’s a great day to do faff all- and to do it very well indeed.

The thing is, when Venus and Jupiter get together- although briefly- there’s usually fun to be had…if you’re in the mood to have some. The only dampener on this occasion is La Luna- she’s in Cancer. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when the Moon’s in Cancer, things can tend to get a tad emotional with a layer of “I’m fine” across the top.

I’ll leave that part of it in your capable hands…if all is as it should be, I have breakfast by the pool calling me. I’ll post a pic of it on instagram…maybe…