Something about DIY New Mooning…


It’s a busy few days coming up in the sky.

Tomorrows New Moon in Virgo coincides with a Mars- Saturn conjunction…but more on that later.

For today, creative vibes are in the air as Venus trines Uranus under the backdrop of a romantic Leo Moon.

In and around that, Mercury sextiles Mars and then Saturn….hmmm opportunities for deep and meaningfuls, perhaps…but use your words wisely- especially if what you have to say has the potential to cut deeply. Stick to the facts and the scope.

The Moon is, however, in her balsamic phase and void of course, so now is not the time for starting anything- the energy is more one of tying of loose ends, finishing up.

I’ll be back later with something about the Virgo New Moon tomorrow, but for now, think about where Virgo is in your chart- more specifically where 2 Virgo is. This is the area of life where some healthy habits need to be brought in, where some tweaking and refining is required. It’s also where you’re probably being a little hard on yourself.

Don’t know how to do this? Check out this post on DIY New Mooning.

Off to do the hi ho hi ho thing…