Something about delusion, deception and denial…


Venus is particularly active over the next 12 hours or so.

First up is an opposition with Neptune.

We had a precursor of this yesterday when the Moon in Pisces opposed Venus. The impact will be much the same as that. Your intentions to get things done may be strong, but the spirit might be gazing out the window instead….or reaching for the spirits (after all, it is wine o clock here in Sydney).

Venus is about what makes us feel good, gives us pleasure, what we find beautiful. Neptune is, well, Neptune is about things we can’t quite get a grip on. Under a Venus-Neptune transit we may:

  • Vacillate rather than make a decision
  • Spend the day day-dreaming instead of working
  • Be truly inspired from a creative viewpoint
  • Lack confidence in decision making (see above)
  • Make long term irretrievable decisions that could impact your future
  • Believe promises made by well intentioned (and not so well intentioned) employers, lovers or friends
  • Become infatuated by someone quite charming
  • Tend to over-indulge on whatever it is that can make us lose our grip on reality even more (pinot gris, I’m calling your name)
  • Become completely selfless and do things for others (I did iron hubby a shirt- does that count?)

Transits of Venus to Neptune can be rather nice and dreamy. And seriously, how much damage can you do in a day or so?

The danger here is one of deception- both self inflicted…the opposite.

Venus, as we know, operates differently in Virgo, and that Virgo quest for purity and perfection can go into the extremes of denial or…the opposite.

I’ve seen it a lot lately in clients with Virgo Moons or a strong Virgo/Pisces axis where denial of entire food groups has been declared in the name of health. Hell, I do it myself- and tend to swing back just as quickly. In some cases, it’s absolutely warranted, in others, it’s simply an effort to organise or control that one part of life through a mastery over something.

I’m not sure whether I’m seeing it because I’m looking for it, after all, I have Neptune on Mercury at the moment, so synchronicity is running even more sensitively than usual. And, before you write to me, I’m not saying this is ALL Virgo Moons, there are usually other supportive patterns in here too. I just thought it was worth mentioning.

The other aspect being made by Venus is a sextile to Saturn. I get a lot of questions about Venus/Saturn contacts- and most are things like: ‘Venus/Saturn- I’ll never fall in love,’ ‘Venus/Saturn- no one will ever love me,’ Venus/Saturn- I won’t have sex as long as Saturn is in Scorpio…’ Errrrrr no. Venus/Saturn links, especially the “easy” ones are more about taking relationships seriously, treating love with maturity and responsibility, finding pleasure in structure and commitment.

The timing of this is fortunate in that it should provide a dose of reality and maturity to the Neptune influence.

As for tomorrow- well, that’s another story entirely…