Daily Planets

Something about delaying no longer…

Monday 17 April, 2017

Venus sextile Mars

Sun trine Saturn

Moon into Capricorn

Venus links up with Mars today. Sextiles generally bring opportunities- and the most common Venus/Mars opportunities are around relating, money and finance, or creativity. That gives you a pretty wide range. Of course, you can always choose to say no, or plead busy-ness – something that you might choose to do without too much regret given that today the Moon is in Capricorn and the Sun is trine Saturn.

What does this have to do with anything?

Just that today’s astro weather is one that accepts the burden of duty and responsibility a tad more easily than it might usually do. While we’re on the subject, todays astro weather is also good for getting on with tasks you’ve been putting off, detailed work you’ve been delaying, and plans that you know need to be made.

Even though the Aries Sun is not known for discipline and delayed gratification, Saturn moderates that today – if you allow it to.