Something about deadwood…& the promises we keep


Tuesday 8 October

Moon in Scorpio

Yesterday it was Labour Day here in NSW, a public holiday to commemorate the 8 hour working day here in Australia.

Naturally we celebrated the day by working…

With the Moon in Scorpio, we spent the day eliminating crap, bundling up rubbish, chopping down dead wood, cleaning through 15 years of rubbish and old furniture and layers of dust and dead spiders in our garage.  We have a council clean up on Friday, so once that’s done, I do believe that we’ll be able to fit at least one car in our double garage.

Aside from elimination, another key word we associate with Scorpio is truth.

With Mercury about to meet up with Saturn in Scorpio, not only are honesty and integrity- the words we used for yesterdays Pluto/Mercury sextiles- still appropriate, but now we’re also looking at commitment…promises. Right now, it’s not so much the promises that we make that are the issue here, but the promises that we keep.

With Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio, mean what you say, say what you mean, and don’t use words lightly. That’s all.