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Something about day-dreaming and magic carpet rides…

little arabian girl sitting on flying carpet

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Moon in Cancer

Mercury trine Neptune

I happen to think that daydreaming is given bad press. The thing is, taking a magic carpet ride through your mind to somewhere else is about imagining possibilities. Sometimes imagining possibilities leads to a real solution to a previously insurmountable problem. But then again, most of the time it really is just about daydreaming…not that there’s anything wrong with that- unless, of course, you have something real and practical and very important you should be doing instead.

It’s like romance novels or the chick lit that I write- happy endings, if you will. They also get bad press: trashy, rubbishy things that aren’t worth writing let alone reading- yet I write them because that’s what I like to read. At the end of a crappy day, I like to think that in someone else’s world, a happy ending really, truly is possible- and I want to be there with them watching it, cheering for them.

Essentially what I do is translate my characters dreams into words- I tell their love story. What could be wrong with that?

Today is a good day for all of that. As Mercury trines Neptune, let your imagination run in the direction that it instinctively wants to take. Indulge in a love story if you want- whether it’s yours, one of mine, or someone else’s. It goes without saying that you’re smart enough to know the difference between fantasy and reality- of course you are: you read this blog!

Seriously though, with this many planets in Cancer- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus- go with what your gut is telling you. Oh, and write down any ideas that make their way into your consciousness. While you mightn’t be in a position to act on them now, you could be soon…