Daily Planets

Something about coping mechanisms….


How are you coping?

More importantly, how are your coping mechanisms coping?

Have you identified yours, or are you still in the foetal position wondering when it’s all going to end.

The reality is, it is, at the moment, what it needs to be- or rather what the Universe tells us it needs to be. What we do, how we respond, whether we retreat into the worst of our shadow or the best of our Sun, is up to us. And yes, I say that in full awareness of the fact that things will be happening to each of us, as well as within us.

The trigger for you could be authority, an issue with feeling trapped, held back, controlled (or all of the above). It could be frustration that you’re not moving ahead as fast as you want to. It could be a feeling that things are changing faster than you can keep up with. It could be an attempt to hang onto an idea of the way things were or should be. It could be that things appear to be crumbling around you and things that you felt were sure now feel uncertain. You could have so much in your brain, that it feels as if your head will explode from the pressure. It could be all of these things. I don’t know about you, but the pic at the top is seeming just a tad too appropriate right now.

Mercury has now moved into Aries, so the perception that this is all about you will be heightened somewhat. Astrologically speaking, it can be a little like transit poker. Don’t know it? It goes a little like: I’ll take your Pluto square Mars and raise it with a Uranus- Ascendant conjunction. You think that’s tough? Try having a t square smack on this cardinal thingie.

The point is, we all have transits all of the time. Just now, it all feels hard and it all feels supremely personal- and those of you with squares and oppositions being activated? Yep, you’re feeling it, but you also have one of the best opportunities in recent history to make the potential in your chart come alive.

The Moon, after a supportive and serious get real talking to by Saturn (I’m pretty he sure he said something about taking a good dose of concrete and hardening the f$%^ up to me), is now void.

Under a void Moon, it’s a good idea not to start anything new. Things tend not to happen. This means that for a few hours at least, you might feel as though the pressure is off a tad.

A void Moon in Cancer can go either of two ways- retreat back into the shell for a good forage through the fridge (personally, I’m fighting a mac cheese craving) or full on protective Mum- over whatever it is that needs protecting from the world, or a little extra nurturing.

Again, that’s up to you.

In the background, an opposition between the Sun and Mars is building, so if you get a respite today, take full advantage of it.

Oh, the forecast…cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. The comfort food danger rating remains high.