Something about communication…

Last years bonfire ready to go...
Last years bonfire ready to go…

Saturday 3 August

Moon into Cancer

I’d love to tell you how our camping is going, but the truth of the matter is that I’m writing this in the past. This is one I prepared earlier. Last Sunday morning to be exact. While watching Midsomer Murders on my computer. What can I say? I like to multi task.

The thing is, where I am- somewhere in the south of the state, in the middle of not a lot, and very cold- there is no telephone reception. Yes, these places do still exist.

Last year when out and about we communicated by way of a walkie talkies- my Aries brother is the ultimate accessories man. We each have SUVs, so would be off road in the bush, each with a walkie talkie. The conversations would go something like:

‘Lost Sheep to Shepherd, come in Shepherd.’ My brother and I always loved watching The Dukes of Hazzard…the original version.

‘This is Shepherd.’



‘Back there.’

‘Roger that.’

‘Over and out.’

Anyways, to the skies.

The supportive sextile between Mars and Venus is still in play. This is one aspect that really favours all opportunities to socialize with others. Given that the Moon will later be in Cancer, the stars bode well for family get togethers- remembering that your family mightn’t necessarily be the one that you were born into.

Hopefully this also bodes well for our campfire feast this evening…You see, there’s this ongoing competition between my brother and I- he won last years culinary challenge with his campfire roast lamb. I aim to beat him this year.

Over and out.

Last years bonfire. Don't worry, it was all safely controlled.
Last years bonfire. Don’t worry, it was all safely controlled.

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