Daily Planets

Something about clearing some room…


So anyways, I’ve been absent from this page for a few weeks. It’s been necessary. I’ve needed to be able to hear myself think. I’ve needed to be able to write the stories I want to write. I’ve needed to separate myself out, put some boundaries in place.

I haven’t been entirely successful with any of the above, but I’m back. For a while there I didn’t think I would be. Boundaries had been blurred to such an extent that I was ready to give it all up- the astro, the writing, what I do, where I live, all of it- and start again on something new.

It’s why I’ve been missing on my personal Facebook page, and the astro one. It’s why I turned off all the notifications and messages on my personal page. It’s why I’ve been sticking to instagram and twitter. It was all about noise.

But I’m back.

For now, I’m still minimizing my time on Facebook, but I’ve missed this.

Before you ask- I’m ok. I’m not depressed, I’m not melancholic, I’m ok. I am restless and I have been feeling trapped and claustrophobic. I also have way too many words in my head that need to go onto paper. I have stories that need to be told, fictional characters that have been yelling at me to visit them…metaphorically, of course.

I’ve also had head cold after head cold…it’s all typical of a Neptune/Mercury conjunction, a Uranus/Venus conjunction, a Saturn/ASC-Sun trine…but it’s ok.

What have I been doing? Aside from sneezing? I’ve been working long hours and I’ve been de-cluttering. Clearing room. Nothing is safe.

First up was my bedroom- 3 bags of clothes were taken down to the Salvos. I was ruthless- anything that doesn’t fit, or hasn’t been worn in the last 12 months.

Then was my study. Just clearing the desk and the drawers and the bookshelves has cleared room in my brain.

Today I listed 25 astrology books on ebay. Again I was ruthless- I kept only those that I use regularly, or semi regularly. If you’re interested and you live in Australia, check out my ebay listing. It’s here. Next week will be the cookbook shelves…

We’re looking at doing some home renovations, you see, and my brain is so full that I can’t see the possibility clearly- I don’t have a clear vision…and yes, I know that’s Neptune. I’ve been hoping that by clearing physical space, I’ll also be clearing metaphorical space…and room for my brain to grasp what it needs to grasp.

Today we went and looked at some display homes for ideas. That’s where the photo above came from- I loved the light, but how on earth would you keep that much glass clean?

Which brings me neatly back to Virgo.

Despite all textbook clichés, not all Virgos love housework and are obsessive about cleanliness and order- in fact, I’ve known more Scorpios and Scorpio Moons who are like this. Yet whenever I’m in cleaning, de-cluttering or organizational mode, I say I’m getting in touch with my inner Virgo- not because I’m obsessing over white tiles and streak free glass, but because I’m refining things, putting them where they need to go, where they will be of the most use.

That’s the real purpose of Virgo- not perfection, not squeaky-clean bathrooms. It’s about being of service, of use, of help, of using your resources (whatever they are) to their best advantage.

It’s about striving for perfection, tweaking things here and there, refining, de-cluttering…but at the end of the day, being ok with things the way they are….about being ok with you just the way you are…