something about cheese and dad…

rock formations at Nielsen Park- where we spent Fathers Day

What a weekend!

I spent Saturday with my husband at a cheese making workshop. I’m never buying ricotta again! In 48 hours we will be eating our own feta and in 4 weeks will be slicing into hand made camembert. If I follow the instructions, that is.

If you want to know more about it, check out my post at and anyways.  There’s a lot of other stuff on there as well, so if you’re interested in more than just my Astro, why not sign up to get updates as I post them?

Today was Fathers Day here is Australia. In light of what has been happening here for the last couple of months, today I appreciated my husband and my Dad more than I usually do. Both deserve appreciation. Both are amazing Dads.

So to dads everywhere, both here or in our hearts, we salute you.

To the skies.

After Fridays Blue Moon, it’s all been a bit of a let down.

The next couple of hours will see the Moon move into Aries. This is always an action charged, energy driven time. Aries motto is JFDI- Just Flipping Do It. So, listen to that.

As is normal at present, the first two aspects made will be a catch up with Uranus for a little action stations plotting and the usual square-off to Pluto.  For those of us in Australia, these aspects will be how we start our Monday.

So, when the inevitable happens and the M2 or the M4 or whatever your commuter pattern of choice (if you ever really get to choose your commuting patterns) grinds to a standstill or the idiot in front cuts you off or the bus doesn’t stop, take a deep breath.

Following this, the Moon has a few clear hours to just be Arian…before linking with Jupiter in time for those afternoon teleconferences.

For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, with luck you’ll be sleeping through the Moon/Uranus-Pluto thing and be ready to get your Monday morning off to a flying start.

For now, I have some cheeses to turn…

in 4 weeks time, this will be camembert cheese…


  1. Thanks for the heads up! Having venus, merc & jup in aries I tend to react w/o thinking ;/

    Happy Fathers Day!

    1. lol. Miss 14 has a lt of Aries planets & no matter what is going on I drag her to the gym on Aries Moon days 🙂

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