something about Capricorn and the Moon…and the Moon in Capricorn.

I have no idea where credit belongs to for this- but whoever you are, thankyou!

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere (and my stats tell me that most of you are), you’ll be waking up to a Monday dominated by Capricorn.

The Moon will be in Capricorn in just a few minutes time. Given that Venus and Saturn have been exchanging pleasantries and business cards, this makes Monday a very good day to Get Things Done. Business things. Practical things. Things that need to be planned and goaled to within an inch of their existence. Things that need structures, rules and strategy to work. Things that aren’t helped by the distractions that usually mean things don’t get done.

There’s another aspect that’s coming up that will reinforce the Capricorn-ness of the Capricorn Moon and the Pluto-ness of the monthly Moon-Pluto conjunction…and that’s an inconjunct between Pluto and the Sun.

What’s that, I hear you ask? An inconjunct? I don’t talk about these a lot, but after experimenting somewhat with my own chart of late, I have new respect for this “minor” aspect (when two planets are 150 degrees- 5 signs- apart) that has the potential to cause some major disruption.

An Astro pal, Marc from Sydney Astrology School, likens the inconjunct (or quincunx- try saying that 3 times whilst under the influence!) to one of those plunger things or electric eels that plumbers use to clear blocked drains and pipes. It’s a separation, a letting go, a release- whether you are ready or not. Given that most of us are generally a tad unwilling to accept change when it comes our way, we usually are not ready for the clearance. But there it is.

This doesn’t mean that the release has to be stressful or unwelcome- how much of a relief is it when that manky drain is finally cleared? It just means that we may not consider ourselves ready for it.

As Saffy said to Edina in last weeks Absolutely Fabulous Olympic Special, “Mum, there are so many doors opening and you can only see the ones that are closed…” or something to that effect. You get the idea.

seriously…could I possibly resist?

The Moon often acts as a trigger, and I daresay that is exactly what will happen when La Luna hits 7ish degrees of Capricorn. Trigger that inconjunct, trigger the continuing square between Pluto and Uranus. Keep an eye out if you have planets or chart points at 7 degrees of the cardinal signs.

I was saying on the Facebook page this morning just how much trouble I have each month with the Capricorn Moon. Some other readers waded in with their views and the Moons that make their lives difficult.

With most planets in my chart aspecting the Moon natally, I guess I am fairly attuned to all things lunar- and the Moon is absolutely not comfortable within the dry environment of Saturn ruled Capricorn. Also, I’m not comfortable with Saturn- it isn’t an energy that is integrated well into my chart.

As a result, for these couple of days each month I find myself almost melancholic, definitely down and more inclined to see that glass as half empty rather than half full. And, given that I’m in head cold hell again, the danger is that I’ll stop looking for those little fist pump moments.

So this month I’m fighting back. No black (even though it is slimming), red lipstick, and determinedly uplifting music while I’m working. I’m gonna kick that grey mood back where it belongs.

What about you? Do you have a particular Moon phase that you feel really down during? What about one that you feel great for those few days each month?



  1. Maybe loving a Cap moon is something one has to learn…. I have a Capricorn moon natally, & it is one of my favorite times each month… I usually find it a stabilizing influence… & of course me loves to be productive 😉

    1. like learning to love Saturn- he & I still have irreconcilable differences- although as I mature (such a Saturn word) I am learning to understand him a tad better…but still wouldn’t want to go to a bar with him! Enjoy your Cap Moon Mel 🙂

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