something about candy crush, closets and aspirin…


I have a new addiction- Candy Crush.

I wasn’t going to go there. I’m well aware of my own shortcomings. I’m well aware of my tendency to obsess (in case you’re interested, I blame Pluto inconjunct Venus…or any of my other Pluto aspects).

Anyways, I’m having problems letting go of stuff at the moment.

There’s habits, fears, excuses, and memories that are hanging around. I know that I need to let them go. It’s somehow easier to hold onto them though. As unhelpful as these all are, they are familiar. In some way, I’m attached.

This type of theme comes up whenever we talk about Taurus or Scorpio. It’s the whole idea of holding on vs eliminating, bingeing vs purging.

Think about that cupboard that you know needs to be cleaned out. You haven’t worn the clothes for many years, the sizes are wrong, the fashion is outdated and many of the clothes are definitely showing their age.

The thing is, until you clean it out, you know that there’s no room for anything new, for the things that you really want.

You use the usual excuses:

  • I don’t have time,
  • What if I get back to that size?
  • What if it comes back in fashion?
  • It cost me a lot…

Sure the excuses are valid, but the real reason you don’t clean it out is because it’s easier not to. The emptiness of a cleaned out closet is scary, a full closet gives an impression of abundance- even if it isn’t fit for purpose.

What if you throw something out by mistake? What if you no longer have enough?

The same rationale applies to the other things we’re hanging on to:

If I let go of that dream, what if there isn’t another?

If I let that relationship/crush go, what happens if I never fall in love again?

If I let go of the habit that’s holding me back, what happens if I still don’t make it? What excuse will I use then?

In a really strange upside downy way, the things that hold us back are comfortable. We know them. The alternative is not.

With all of these planets in Taurus, many of us are facing these questions at present. With the Sun conjunct the South node (and opposite the North node), we are being asked to look at this issues now.

As my friend Clementine said in her blog post yesterday:

Let’s remember Taurus likes life to be uncomplicated – Scorpio on the other hand has us delve into the depths.  Taurus takes two aspirin – Scorpio FEELS the pain and goes on the journey.

I wrote on the Facebook page today:

With a New Moon in just a few days (& eclipse- more on that later), we’re in the balsamic or dark phase of the Moon. I always see this as a great big empty blackboard in the sky just waiting to be written on. In order to make room for writing, you have to first get rid of the old stuff that’s already there. Todays Sun/South node conjunction could just help you with that… So, think about it, what from your past is holding you back? Really? Honestly? Then find it on that blackboard & rub it out. There. Gone.

It sounds easy in theory. We know that it isn’t. I know that it isn’t- but there’s no way that I’m going to dwell on the negative what ifs with you.

But what if you never try? What if you never grab the charity bags, open the closet doors and clean it out? What if you never wipe that blackboard clean so you can write something else on it? I guess that’s the equivalent of taking the aspirins.

I’ll leave that with you.

Sydneysiders- if you’re cleaning out your linen closet, Massage on Carrington in Castle Hill are taking collections of blankets, towels & sheets (no feather quilts please) for the animal shelter at Kemps Creek. Check them out on Facebook for more details…


  1. Timely article. I too have recently become obsessed with Candy Crush, I am also sorting out my clothes/wardrobe and just for good measure, I’m having a massive clear out in the garden ready to plant veg/summer flowers. Feeling that Taurus eclipse? Oh yes…

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