Something about Cancer, Life, Death and Cycles

I took this today in George St, Sydney while I was waiting for the bus.

It’s been a tough few days here in Chez Tracey.

Yesterday was my Nan’s 94th birthday. I’ve written about Mavis in these posts before. Nan breaks the Cancer cliché mould, yet also fits it perfectly.

She has a penchant for silver strappy sandals and will forever be associated in my mind with feather boas and dancing. Nan is also one of those Cancer Suns who will make sure that her family has a full tummy yet I have never seen her consume anything more than a coffee. I guess she does eat, just that personal nourishment has never been a biggie. Cancer is like that. In the same way that family is a factor (Cancer is either completely close or estranged, there is rarely a middle ground), so is food (especially if the Moon is aspected in any way by Saturn).

But Nan is in hospital now and is really sick. She can, however, still flirt with the staff and pass judgement on how handsome the doctors are. That’s Nan. It’s one of the many reasons we love her. She also remains optimistic (another reason) and more concerned about everyone else in her “beautiful” family that herself.

Also yesterday, my Mum & Dad’s treasured alpha corgi passed on at an age that is way too young for passing on. The Tyne-ster has been a fixture at Chez Tracey and companion as well to the Kali-meister, our snoring cocker spaniel. Anyone who has pets knows the pain of losing one.

Astrologically what’s happening in our charts? Nothing of import. It’s just life. And death. And shitty as hell. Sure I could probably go through Mum’s chart and look for some seemingly innocuous transit, but really, what would be the point? It seriously does none of us any good to look for signs and symbols when what we all need is to support each other and work through what needs to be worked through. A very Cancer principle indeed.

Cancer Sun does what it needs to do to protect and nurture. What it needs to do. Not who it needs to blame, or excuses that it needs to find, but what it needs to do- after all, despite all the hiding in shells it is a cardinal sign and cardinal signs do what needs to be done. And in this case, that means support and love. And our (large) family has plenty of that.

Just saying…

On a brighter note, I spent this morning at Astro Club run out of Sydney Astrology School. One of the best things about astrology is how you never stop learning. The 2nd best thing is you get to learn by talking to other people also who never want to stop learning.

This morning we talked about aspect patterns- aspects with amazingly evocative names like “kite”, “easy oppositions”, “yods” and my personal favourite, the “mystic rectangle”. Personally, I’m going to do a lot more work in clearing my own personal blocked drains- the Saturn/Mars quincunx and the Venus/Pluto quincunx.


There is a lot happening in the sky- the Moon is now in Scorpio, adding intensity to the weekend ahead. The Sun is moving closer to an opposition with Pluto and square to Uranus. Speaking of these two, Pluto and Uranus are still squaring off in the ring. Just like the Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the late 60s, this is an aspect, or rather series of aspects, that will impact a generation. Lots has been written on this by astrologers a lot more technical than me, so google it.

Sun/Pluto and Sun/Uranus are a lot more personal, so if you have planets at or around 8 degrees of the cardinal signs, think carefully where there could be a break through or a break out or a breakaway.

For now, it’s well past wine o clock here in Sydney, so until next time…