Something about camping….

me being cold
me being cold

Friday 2 August

Moon in Gemini

I’m going camping this weekend.

Ok, It’s not strictly camping per se- there are no tents or toilet rolls on a spade. There is, however, no mobile or internet reception, outdoor fires, a cabin in the middle of not a lot, home-made beds (of sorts), wild animals (kangaroos and wombats), sleeping bags and an outside toilet involved. As such, it qualifies as camping.

There will be marshmallows at 10 paces and the rule is unless it can be cooked outside on the fire, we won’t be eating it. Should be interesting. Oh, did I mention that all of this is taking place above the snowline in forecast maximum temperatures of minus 2 degrees C?

So in the tradition of my Pisces Moon I’ll pretend that I’m really roughing it. I’ll take it one step further, I’m also taking all my camera kit so I’ll pretend that I’m a wildlife photographer waiting around for the perfect shot of the wombat stealing the potatoes…or something like that.

We went down here this time last year. If you’re interested in our cooking disasters and a few photos of the location, you’ll find them here and here. This year my contribution to the camp oven will be an outside version of my ayam kapitan. I’ve made the spice mix up in advance. I also have some home-made lime marmalade (from lime week), and extra provisions…in case.

In the sky, a chatty Gemini Moon and a supportive link between Mars and Venus will ensure that there’ll be a lot of words to be said, laughs to be had and fun to be found.


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