Daily Planets

Something about bright, sunshiney days…


Monday 28 October

Moon in Leo

We start the week with some fire in the belly…and a Leo Moon.

Whenever the Moon is in a Fire sign, there is energy available to tap- if you want to tap it.

See that’s the thing with the astro weather, it can be like being presented with a blue sky, sunny day and not being faffed to get out and make the most of it. The potential is there, but for whatever reason you’re choosing not to take it.

The same applies with lunar energy.

Moon in Leo is generous, expressive, creative, visual.

Today, however, the Moon will square off against Mercury. With Mercury in stubbornly private Scorpio, and retrograde, there might be something or someone preventing you from saying what you want to say. Being Scorpio, it’s likely to be something about fear. Being retrograde, it’s likely to be something from yesterday- not the literal yesterday, but the metaphorical one.

The one thing that’s likely to trip Leo up, to stop Leo from making the most of his creative and physical energy is pride- or the appearance of.

Today, once the pesky Mercury square is done and dusted, there’ll be a little free sailing before La Luna meets up with Venus and feeds that fire with a little more optimism.

There are creative solutions out there to the problems before you- they just require you to put your pride on hold, listen to the views of others, and step outside your comfort zone.

As always, it’s up to you whether you keep the what ifs going from this mornings (Sydney time, of course) energy into the afternoon, or whether you venture into a sunnier (metaphorically speaking) afternoon.