Something about bright ideas and changing the rules…

goldfish jumping out of the water

Friday 15 November

Moon in Aries

I had a lovely lunch yesterday with a lovely lady in a lovely part of Sydney that I rarely venture into- me being in a suburb that’s not, to say the least, well served by public transport. Anyways, it was all very lovely.

The loveliest part of all was the two bright ideas that popped into my head pretty well at the time that the Moon was conjunct Uranus.

My friend had rung to tell me that due to the inconsiderate actions of a truck driver who had hit the roof of the M5, she was likely to be around half an hour late for our lunch. I thought about being annoyed- after all, the Moon is in Aries and was conjunct Uranus and square Pluto- instead I ducked into the nearest coffee shop, headed for the patch of sunlight I could see out the back, pulled out my journal, and that’s when the ideas hit…as I was writing. It was the most perfect manifestation of Neptune direct and Moon/Uranus.

When I finally emerged back onto the busy Darlinghurst St, I saw the sign that was posted above the café…

Logic takes you from a to b…imagination takes you everywhere…

I posted the pic on the Facebook page yesterday. Anyways, that imagination will get a burst today as Venus squares off against Uranus.

Venus square Uranus is a quick transit, and often an interesting one. It can stimulate you creatively, in the workplace it may bring new ways of dealing with old solutions, in relationships it could be the impetus to break free, or just the spark that you need to reinvigorate something that’s been feeling lonely and old.

If you’re holding on too tightly to something tried and true, if your relationship is feeling a little too structured or held back, this transit will be difficult. If your relationship is one where each of you has sufficient space to move, and new experiences to try, this transit could be very exciting indeed.

Over the next couple of days you’ll be seeking something new, something a little unusual, something a little off-centre- especially if you’re feeling constrained.

You might find yourself flirting with something or someone that makes you feel young and interesting and alive again.

You might find yourself starting arguments just to get a rise out of someone, just for something to do, to prompt a reaction to have something, anything, happen. With the Moon void for most of today in Aries, this is very likely.

Having said that, getting things out in the open can be a good thing- as long as you actually do something with it. And, let’s face it, sometimes, in order to move forward, we have to change the rules a bit.