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Something about breaking through or breaking apart…

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Thursday 8 August

Moon into Virgo

As I write this I’m still dashing away tears after watching last nights Offspring on telly.

No spoilers for those who haven’t yet seen it (I can see the eyes of non Aus readers glazing over as I write), but why do we get ourselves so wound up in the lives of our favourite TV characters? I guess it’s good writing.

Anyways, according to the writers in the newspaper this morning, the loss of this particular character was required in order to move the story forward and expand the heroine further. As I drip onto the keyboard I’m finding it difficult to see the loss as anything other than ‘how could you do that to her?’ Then I remind myself that it’s just TV.

The Moon is currently void in Leo, and will be until she moves into more efficient territory in Virgo. When? Early afternoon Sydney time, so I guess that makes it the early hours of Thursday morning for most of you in the north.

Anyways, as I said in yesterdays New Moon post, the big aspect in the backdrop of that New Moon is an opposition between Jupiter and Pluto. This will be exact in just a few hours, although its been building over the last couple of days and will be with us tomorrow as well.

This can be an either or type of energy- a time when all your effort culminate in something that approximates your wishes coming true, or a time when it feels like the forces of the world are against you.

Jupiter represents faith, optimism and expansion, while Pluto is deeply into soul transformation and healing. In Capricorn, Pluto is particularly ambitious, while Jupiter, exalted in Cancer, is particularly intuitive, yet also more conservative and fearful than usual.

The opposition can represent a breakthrough or a break apart.

The shadow of Pluto is power for powers sake, a sort of Machiavellian manipulation to push yourself forward at the expense of others. The shadow of Jupiter can be an over reaching fanaticism and refusal to accept any other possibility. This transit is a reminder that your goals may need to change to take into account the needs and opinions of others- it’s also a reminder that at the end of the day generosity of spirit, faith and integrity is more important than coercion of others simply to get what you want.

Where is this happening? At 9 Cancer and Capricorn.

The number 9 in tarot is, amongst other things, associated with re-assessment. It might be assessment of goals, dreams, feelings, self worth or material success, but re-assessment it is.

It can be the wish card, it can also be the culmination of something. When you see a heap of 9s in a spread it usually indicates that the past is on its way to being well and truly so yesterday, but tomorrow hasn’t yet been decided.

Personally, it’s feeling a little like that to me.

Some of you may see road blocks and lack of control in this, others may see limitless possibility for transformation and achievement- if they tweak their goals just a tad.

I’ll leave that with you.

Also later today Mercury finally dries of his wings and heads on into Leo. The quicksilver one has been more than a little waterlogged off late, so will be relishing some time by the fire.

More on that one later.