Something about breaking free and away – and shaking things up…

Friday 14 April, 2017

Sun conjunct Uranus

Moon in Scorpio

Moon into Sagittarius

I’m writing this in the past – back in the middle of March to be exact – but if all has gone according to plan, today is the last day of our holidays. Later this evening we’ll leave Bangkok to return to Sydney and then begin the drive back home to Queensland. Yes, it still feels a tad weird to be saying that.

Anyways, regardless of how our holiday has gone, one thing I do know is that todays’ major aspect is Sun conjunct Uranus.

Us astrologers use words like “surprising”, and “unexpected” and “break-free” when we talk about Uranus – and all of these are true. It absolutely could be about striking out against whatever- or whoever- you feel is holding you back. You could do that. But what would it achieve? Whenever the Sun is involved, so too is the ego, so all you might be doing is acting rashly and impulsively for little gain. Besides, this is a short transit – just a day or so – it doesn’t call for drastic measures. That is, not unless there’s something else happening in the background.

The thing is, it’s possible to shake things up yourself without breaking it all apart. How? By trying something different, going somewhere different, talking to someone different.

You can add excitement and stimulation without rebellion…if you’re prepared to try that. Or you could go for the rebellion thing and blame someone else if it goes wrong. Your call.

In other news, Venus will be direct tomorrow…