Something about believing in possibility…


Thursday 5 September

Moon in Virgo

I was catching up on some unwatched episodes of Castle the other day- yes, I like my TV a tad cheesy.

Anyways, in this episode, Castle and Beckett are chasing down what Castle is convinced is a Big Foot. Beckett asks Castle, ‘isn’t there anything that you believe in?’

He thinks for a moment and then shakes his head. He believes in the possibility of anything, of everything. He believes in possibility.

I love that.

Sure, it’s naïve, but I get it. The possibility of anything.

When I close my eyes I can picture it all clearly, the shiny view of possibility. I can usually do this even when the storm clouds are gathering. I hope that I always will be able to.

As I said, it’s naïve, but it’s what keeps me going.

The issue is when that shiny possibility of possibility becomes an all or nothing obsession with perfecting that possibility.

Hey, Pluto is involved in my opposition, I do obsession.

But, that’s the thing about the possibility of perfection.

And that’s why Virgo does what she does.

Because she believes in possibility too. In a different way to me, in a different way to Pisces. Where mine is a dream, a feeling, Virgo’s is something more practical than that. It’s an Earth thing. Virgo possibility has form and substance.

And that’s something worth believing in.

Happy New Moon.