Something about being together for ever…or not…

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Wednesday April 13, 2016

Moon in Cancer

Venus trine Mars

Them: Venus and Mars- that means male and female energy…right?

Me: Yeah…Nah….it means other stuff too.

Them: So that means that if we hook up when Venus trines Mars we’ll be together for ever and ever- because trine makes things good…right?

Me: Hmmmm. For ever and ever? Possibly…but even if it doesn’t, it could be mutually fun…

Them: Oh. So what does it mean? Venus trine Mars, that is?

Me: That you can probably go after what you want without pissing someone else off… maybe that you’re prepared to help someone else with what they want as you’re not taken for granted…

Them: Well, that’s more boring than I thought it could be.

Me: That’s the thing with trines: shoulda woulda coulda.