Something about being seriously Pisces…


Friday 28 February

Moon in Aquarius

I’m asked a lot about travelling during Mercury retrograde periods.

Should you? Do you? Would you?

The answer, in my case, is yes. Sure, I take a few more precautions and I prepare myself for delays. I’ve had some of my smoothest trips and transfers with Mercury retrograde, and I’ve also had my share of delays and lost luggage…but then, that’s also happened while Mercury has been direct. It’s just one of the deals about travel.

In the early hours of tomorrow (Sydney time) Mercury stations direct. Tomorrow afternoon I fly home from New Zealand…all going well.

Tomorrow also, we have a New Moon in Pisces. With the Moon bringing the energy of Neptune into the Sun, this is a seriously Piscean New Moon…if, indeed, you can use the words “serious” and “Pisces” in the same sentence.

I’ll be back with more on that later, but for now, have a think about what needs to be finished off, tidied away, let go of, left behind in order for you to go into this New moon cycle with a clean slate.

For now, also start thinking about where 11 Pisces (or thereabouts) falls in your chart…

What else? Jupiter and Uranus are still doing the moody-glarey thing, but by now, you’ve probably heard enough about that one. Besides, Jupiter is slowly retreating back into the shell…for now.