Something about being on TV…

sadly I won’t be looking like this…

Moon into Aquarius

In a few hours the Moon will move into forward thinking, let’s think outside the square Aquarius.

It’s those few days every month when we look to the future, at new ways of doing things, at different ways of thinking, at different channels of communication.

The thing that we often forget about with Aquarius, however, is that it’s a fixed sign- and that means that sometimes we hold onto old ideas and philosophies beyond their best by date.

This time around, though, Mercury- the communication planet- is trine Jupiter. This means that fixed ideas and ways of thinking have an opportunity to find a new path.

And speaking of new paths, this evening, after finishing a day in partition land, I’ll be venturing into a recording studio to have makeup done for an interview in TV land with the completely affable Gemini Ben Starr from The Conversation Arena.

I’m looking forward to it, I’m also having the usual crisis of confidence that my first house Saturn tends to have after all my Pisces planets declare “how hard can it be?”

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow…there could even be photos, so keep your eye on the instagram, twitter and Facebook feeds!