Something about being a domestic diva…


Thursday 19 December

Moon in Cancer

This year Christmas is at our place, sort of, anyway.

It’s something that my husband has wanted to do, well, ever since we first got together nearly 25 years ago.

Normally we spend it with my birth family, but this year we have friends over from New Zealand. We’ll be going to Mum and Dad’s in the morning and then combining the contents of our fridge, with the contents of our neighbour’s pantry, a few kilos of sustainable prawns, and a bottle or two of bubbly.

I’ve set aside today to do some baking- some shortbread maybe, perhaps some mini sausage rolls or curry puffs to pop in the freezer, a chocolate crackle tree for my Dad…things like that. I’ll also give the house a good clean, and make sure the fluffy towels are looked out…do we even have fluffy towels to look out?

Todays Moon, in Cancer and conjunct Jupiter is not only a good day for domestic work like this, but a great day for it. So good, in fact, that the danger will be in over catering.