Something about beauty- and inspiration….


Monday, May 9, 2016

Moon in Gemini

Venus sextile Neptune

Sun conjunct Mercury

I have this theory that daydreaming was invented to give us a break from reality- and sometimes a break is all we need to recharge our emotional batteries and inspire creative thought.

And that’s what Venus sextile Neptune is- an opportunity to do just that. If you do nothing more with this transit than smell a flower, appreciate the beauty of nature, or really listen to a beautiful piece of music- even a lyric or two will do the trick- your imagination could be stimulated.

The danger is twofold:

  • Over-thinking it- something very possible when the Moon is in Gemini, or
  • Confusing a transitory moment or daydream with real-life- something less likely when the Sun and Mercury are both in Taurus.

Speaking of the Sun and Mercury- while today is a great day for making plans and reviewing old ones, because Mercury is still retrograde, it’s not so great for actually putting anything new and scary into practice. Refine your ideas some more.