Something about bad singing, women who know what they want, and getting stuff done…

cute dog Singing a song

Miss T has most unkindly, and not entirely unfairly, compared my singing to cat wails, or Kali howling. As I said, unkind. I happen to think that I smash some of those Adele high notes out of the park. She says I smash them in other ways. We’ve agreed to disagree. I also think that sometimes Adele doesn’t sing the right words, but that’s another story.

Where am I going with this? To Mercury in Taurus, of course. You see, people with Mercury in Venus ruled signs tend to have nicer sounding voices- all other things being equal, of course. Anyways, Mercury moves into Taurus today. If you want to know more about this, you’ll find a previous post here.

Oh, in case you’re interested, although Adele does have the Sun in Taurus (conjunct Jupiter) she has Mercury and Venus in Gemini. Whatevs.

Also today Venus moves into Aries. Aries isn’t a place that Venus feels terribly comfortable in. Venus, you see, likes to attract and be pleased, and in Aries she goes after what she wants and knows how to please herself. I have Venus in Aries, but if you want to know a bit more about this placement, or there’s and Aries woman in your life you’d like to try and understand better, check out this post.

Todays’ main aspect, though, is a trine between the Sun and Saturn. Whenever we talk about Saturn, we talk about work, discipline, control….well, I do, anyway.

When we talk about the Sun, it’s about ego, the self, vitality, energy…words like that.

Trines are easy energy flows, as in the energy flows easily- not that it’s an easy day, or….oh, never mind, you know what I mean.

Put it all together, and this is a good day to harness your energy and put it to good use to get stuff done.

There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?