something about bad hair days…

WTF Keyboard

I’ve got a bone to pick with Venus.

Yesterday transiting Venus was conjunct my Sun.

According to the textbooks, this should have been a good hair day. It wasn’t. I had a serious attack of the frizzes and huge matted knots. Not good. Add to that bags under my eyes that could carry a weeks worth of luggage, and the look is definitely not good.

It should have been a social day, surrounded with friends and loved ones. I should have been all shiny and attracting.

Instead I spent the morning sitting up at the Toyota dealership waiting for a registration check to be done on my car. The lunch date I had lined up cancelled. In the evening my family had an attack of too much Mars. Both hubby & I have Mars in Scorpio, and Miss T has the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Aries- that’s a lot of Mars in one house under an impatient Aries Moon and a newly liberated Aries Mars.

Miss T was dragged down to the gym and “encouraged” to leave her attitude behind on the cross trainer. Hubby was “encouraged” that the dinner table was not a good place to discuss Miss T’s attitude. My argument being that I don’t want my only tasty meal of the day to be eaten with a side serve of indigestible frustrated Mars.

Venus was still in orb of my Sun today.

I took my time and got the hair frizz and knot free. I half did my face- I even ironed my t shirt and popped on my purple, flowery thongs.

The coffee date I had lined up and had been looking forward to cancelled. I wasn’t surprised, and I understood, but I was disappointed. I really needed to see that person today- or at least talk to them…even though today isn’t the best of talking days. This is one of those people who you don’t have to actually say the words to, but just being with lifts my spirits- not that I’d ever tell them that. Besides, I’d knocked back another invite in order to see them…not that I’d ever tell them that either!

Anyways, in danger of a comfort food binge, I went to the gym instead- it was like a shot of the Aries juice I needed. And now my face is blotchy and my hair sweaty and knotty again. Oh well, at least haven’t given in to the binge temptation…