Something about aspirations, accountability and other a words…


Thursday 2 January

Moon in Capricorn

Sun conjunct Pluto, Sun square Mars

Over at and anyways, I’m starting the year with a personal blogging challenge: the A-Z of me.

Yesterday, fittingly for the first day of the new year, was A. It was for anticipation, awesomeness and anything is possible. I talked a little about what I’m looking forward to this year.

It could just as easily have been aspirations or accountability- the latter being a word that I’ve tried not to let pass my lips since finishing at the partition job.

I’ve always worked hard to be accountable to others, but haven’t worried so much about letting myself down. It’s the main reason I think that I fail on the personal goal front. It’s a self-respect thing, and it’s very much a Saturn in the first house thing…which makes it a Saturn lesson that needs to be listened to.

Given that Saturn is now exactly trine my Sun, the subject of accountability is one that’s come up easily.

Accountability is also the theme of last nights (Sydney time) New Moon and todays Sun-Pluto conjunction and tomorrows Sun-Mars square.

The biggest thing I’ve learned since finishing at the partition job is that the only person who can set and create my outcomes is me. There’s no one above me setting my goals, there’s no one above me setting deadlines, there’s no one above me patting my head if I’ve been a good girl or threatening my job if I haven’t. It’s all mine. I own it. I own the goals, I own the outcomes. That’s accountability.

It’s not, however, control.

And that’s the fine line that we always must discuss when it comes to matters involving Pluto. Power and control.

You see, we have this temptation to take control, to force action, to accept situations that allow us to feel that we have some sort of power.

Mars in Libra is there to remind us that we don’t exist in isolation, and that collaboration of varying degrees is necessary to achieve a desired outcome.

The concept that we are not in control, that we alone are not all powerful is a difficult one for the ego to accept. It’s why so many of us want to know the future- as if that will give us some control or power over it.

What can we do?

We can walk our talk, we can be accountable for our actions, we can act with integrity, and we can celebrate our achievements without waiting for someone else to provide the dancing girls and hallelujah chorus.

If you haven’t done so already, set your New Moon/New Year intentions. Make them achievable, actionable, and schedule them in your calendar. Above all, make yourself accountable for both your actions and your results…while being fully aware that this is in no way about power and control. Instead, it’s about self-respect and personal integrity…and that, surely, is a goal worth aspiring to.