something about an election…

I was referred to this article in the Huffington Post this morning (thanks Stella).

Essentially it’s about the US elections and how this election day coincides with Mercury stationing retrograde.

The piece is by Eric Francis, and is a great analysis of just what can be expected from this astrological event. Have a read.

Just 2 years ago, a similar thing happened here in Australia.

I wrote about it here.

The chart, cast for 8am (when the polls opened on the East Coast of Australia) had both competitors conjunct.

As a horary, this was a beautiful chart to look at.

At the time I cast it as if it were a sporting event (hey, I’m an Aussie).

The two combatants are:

  • The sitting Prime Minister Julia Gillard- Lord of the 1st house (the planet that rules the 1st house). I’m loosely a labour voter (that would translate to “liberal” or democrat in the US system), so if this were a sports horary, this would represent my team.
  • The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott- Lord of the 7th house (the planet that rules the 7th house). Mr Abbott is the leader of the Liberal party (in US terms, that is the right wing party…yes, I know it’s confusing…)

With Libra on the 1st, Julia Gillard is represented by Venus, while Tony Abbott is represented by Mars (Aries is on the cusp of the 7th).

This was even more appropriate for this particular election as Julia Gillard is a Libra Sun and Tony Abbott is a Scorpio Sun with an Aries Moon and, as an avid sportsman, is very much represented by Mars.

Further, for the first time, this election was being conducted along gender lines. The campaign itself was one of the most boring I have experienced, but that’s by the by.

There were 2 other important oppositions at play on this day- Saturn vs Jupiter and Neptune vs the Sun.

The outcome?

There wasn’t one.  Not for around 3 weeks…yep, not until Mercury went direct.

The Green party won more seats than they have in the past and awarded their preferences to the Labor party, yet even with these seats, Labor did not have a clear majority. For all intents and purposes, the result was a draw, with just a few independents holding the balance of power and eventually allowing Ms Gillard to form a government.

The Australian system of government is very different to the US model- and this blog is neither the time nor the place for a lesson in Australian politics. Having said that, I’ll be watching the US games with much interest.