Something about an announcement that’s pretty awesome – for me, anyway…

Dropping in briefly from my holiday in Vietnam (we arrived late last night) to share some news with you…

A month or so ago I received a phone call while on the bus that made me do a little happy dance…on the bus. The pitch I’d put to present at this years Romance Writers Conference had been accepted.

This was huge for two very big reasons:

  • It’s been a long held ambition for me to speak at a conference – not for the sake of hearing my own voice, but because I genuinely want to broadcast what it is that I know, to help others also learn
  • It combines my two passions: astrology and story-telling. My subject, you see, is about how you can use astrology to draft believable characters, conflicts and stories.

Anyways, I haven’t been able to tell anyone about this (although I was bursting to) until the conference program is out. But now I can – and you can read all about it here.