Something about an adventure…


Monday 24 February

Moon in Sagittarius

As this post goes to print, I’ll be on my way to an adventure that I’ve been anticipating since this time last year.

If I have my time zones calculated correctly, it’s about 8am here in New Zealand, and we’re on the bus between Queenstown and Te Anau. From here we’ll be walking for the next three days through some amazing country.

The Sagittarius Moon is the perfect lunar influence under which to commence an adventure. Sextiles between the Moon and Mars and the Moon and Mercury will ensure that at least the first part of our tramp is dull of energy and chat…not sure that we’ll be feeling that way after a day of tramping uphill.

The Sun is conjunct Neptune, so you too could find yourself asking questions like ‘seriously, how hard can it be?’ or ‘what if we did…?’ or ‘can you imagine?’

Today is one for daydreaming, for inspiration, for creating, for thinking big, for wondering. It’s not a day where focusing on details will come easily.

My advice? Go with it. The what if’s that you come up with today can be planned out tomorrow.