something about all systems being go…


So anyways, if Saturday was about inspiration, Sunday about serious thinking and a touch of the grey and gloomies, today has to be about all engines primed, all systems go.

Later this morning (Sydney time) the Moon will move into Aries, and the engine that’s been idling on the starting line will thrum into serious V8, sex on wheels territory…yes, I’m a girl who likes the rumble of a decent engine- I think it’s the Venus in Aries. Too much information? Or maybe it’s my 12th house Pisces Mercury being particularly fanciful.

Anyways, the aspect that’s providing this background rumble is Mars trine Pluto.

With both Mars and Pluto in earth signs the key words we can use here are effective, practical and ambitious.

This isn’t one of those difficult Mars/Pluto contacts where there are the potential for egos to clash in a mighty noisy and potentially painful and explosive way, but rather something a lot more subtle than that. This one, despite the Aries Moon influence, is more about long range planning, long range ambitions, long range strategies.

Overlaying it all, or underlining it all…or something…is the applying square between Uranus and Pluto. While this won’t be exact for another couple of weeks (we’ll talk more about it as we get closer), the Moon in Aries crossing that point On Tuesday morning will bring some of this energy into play- a little like turning the key in that V8 engine.

For now, enjoy the oomph that Moon in Aries brings to your Monday and use the energy wisely.