Daily Planets

Something about adjusting to the new normal…

Sand crab Astrologically, things seem to be getting back to normal- whatever version of normal that happens to be, and for the next few days (at least) have a break from any major happening types of transits.

That doesn’t mean that the Moon takes a break…heaven forbid! Today La Luna is still in Cancer- the sign of her rulership. This means that emotions are sensitive, and tummies might be looking for satisfaction. The thing is, the fulfilment that you’re seeking probably can’t be found in chocolate.

My tummy is playing up again- I know that the symptoms are brought on by too much wheat, yeast, and other things that aren’t good for me, with not enough exercise and water and other things that are good for me. On another level though, whenever my system plays up like this, there’s something that I’m finding difficult to stomach or digest.

The events of last week brought it all back up… That’s the thing about symptoms- there’s often something rather literal behind them. Today La Luna makes a few “easy” aspects- to Mercury, to Saturn- before free-floating through the rest of Cancer.

If you’re in one of those moods where you find yourself standing in front of the fridge, ask yourself what you’re really craving. What is it that isn’t making you feel full or fulfilled inside? Are there emotions that you’re hiding from? Then put the chocolate down and back away from the fridge.