Something about accepting challenges…

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Saturday 28 September

Moon in Cancer

So I have this bucket list, right? It’s pretty lengthy, but that’s the whole purpose of bucket lists.

Earlier this year I started talking about ticking a couple of things off it.

Now those of you with a tad more Fire than me might be thinking to yourself, ‘just flipping do it!’ but I’m very Piscean, so dream about it and talk about it…and then realise I’ve missed my chance to do anything about it.

Part of that is fear.

Anyways, yesterday- while Venus was trine Jupiter- I took the first move to bring one of the bigger items out of the bucket and onto the table- and everyone knows that once it’s out of the bucket and onto the table it becomes a goal. Besides, isn’t that really what a goal is? A dream with a deadline?

Mine now has a deadline- the end of February next year.

What am I doing? The Routeburn Track.

It’s a 3 day, 40km walk through some mega beautiful alpine country in the South of New Zealand.  According to the blurb, I can expect “mountainous peaks, sheer rock faces, alpine basins, pristine lakes, cascading waterfalls, luxuriant forest, turquoise rivers and million dollar views around every corner.”

There’s a few summits involved, there are backpacks involved. There are proper tramping boots, walking poles and daktari pants (you know those ones with all the little pockets in them?) involved. Because I’m soft, there are also lodges with running water, flushing toilets and beds involved.

With my current level of fitness, aching joints and a back that is a chiropractors dream, cash flow wise, it’s going to be a challenge.

Which brings me neatly to todays star aspect- Venus square Mars.

Sometimes getting what you want takes a bit of work. Sometimes it requires you to overcome fears. If it’s something that you really want, you make the effort required to get the rewards.

Today could bring tensions and frustrations- especially if egos are involved.

With Venus and Mars we can’t ignore relationships- and today, if there is underlying issues, they could just come to the surface. This is, however, a short lived transit, so bear that in mind before burning any bridges.

When Venus and Mars come together, there’s always the potential for a sexual relationship, although when the square is involved, anything new started now is likely to be based on physical attraction.

I’ll leave that one with you.