Something about a storm warning…


Thursday, December 26

Moon in Libra

As I go to press, it’s early morning Boxing Day here in Australia. On the other side of the world, it’s still Christmas Day. I’m writing this a week ago, so I can’t tell you what our Christmas Day was like…

Here in Sydney, if all goes to schedule (remember, I’m writing this in the past) I’m gathering the leftovers into something that can be used to entertain- I have some more dear friends coming over for lunch.

Boxing Day is like that. It’s a day where we catch up, we kick back, we watch the test cricket on telly. If the weather is good, we hit the beach, the backyard pool, the park.

Today, is a good day to do things like that. In fact today (wherever you are in the world and reading this) it’s best to remove yourself from the firing line as far as possible.


The Moon in Libra catches up with Mars and triggers off a Mars/Uranus storm warning.

Although, on paper, this has the potential to be an all out thunder and lightning show, it may simply fizzle into a passive aggressive haze of thick humidity- like on those hot summer afternoons when something is needed to cut through the thick heat, but never actually delivers. Libra, after all, doesn’t like conflict and will either attempt to find common ground, negotiate a peace treaty, or retreat into passive aggression and send someone else in to do the dirty work.

The wise hostess, on these occasions, will plan her table settings appropriately…