Something about a storm warning….


Todays astro forecast comes with a severe storm warning. It also comes with a high comfort food danger warning.

Yesterdays should have too….’cos boy did I snap!

I had one of those complete volcanic eruptions of the emotional kind that I don’t have too often. I’m surprised you didn’t hear it from wherever you are. The air was certainly blue above my house.

What caused it?

To be honest I’m not sure.

Yes, I’m in a constant state of tiredness at the moment. That certainly contributed. I’m feeling particularly fat and bloated, but have been catching up on my astro work before I go to my partition job instead of going to the gym. I’m way behind in the housework, but don’t have the time to either do anything about it, or the time to outsource to someone else to do something about it. Then I opened the mail and found a couple of late payment bill requests- I haven’t had time to do any of that either. So I calmly paid the bills, and then I hit the roof.

I had the kind of mind f##% moment that I had halfway up the mountain in Routeburn. At that moment I’d looked at the red jackets in the distance and all of a sudden couldn’t get my head (or my legs) around the fact that there was so far to go. Stopping wasn’t an option, yet nor was the idea of continuing. On that occasion I swallowed back the tears and the panic I could feel welling in the back of my throat, and looked for a view, or anything, to distract me. I looked back and marvelled at how far I’d come, took a photo of a plant that looked like a pineapple, and concentrated on the views I’d see at the top.

It felt the same yesterday morning. All I could see in the distance is more of the same tiredness. The weight of it, and the weight of what has to be done, and the weight of unfulfilled dreams was suddenly too heavy. Stopping isn’t an option, but the idea of continuing seemed too hard. Something had to give, and this morning that something was me.  And with the Moon trine (a newly self pitying poor me) Venus and that point in my chart that holds Mercury and Neptune, it all gave way too easily. There was no mountain view or pineapple shaped plant to distract me, and rather than marvelling at how far I’d come, it seems right now that I’m back-tracking, rather than going forward.

It was over as quickly as it started- I don’t have time for it not to be. Yesterday afternoon there were deadlines to be chased down, and a weeks worth of astro posts to schedule. I’d normally say that there’s a Mt Everest worth of ironing to be done too, but when I sneaked my head around into the TV room mid afternoon, I noticed hubby getting a start on that one. Things aren’t so bad after all. I was just blowing it all out of proportion. Besides, self-pity is so unattractive, and from what I’m hearing, there’s plenty of us going through the same thing. With the Sun in Aries, we probably feel that we’re the only ones, the busiest, the most tired, the most challenged…

The thing is the Moon in Cancer will, over the next couple of days, hit all of those friction points. If you’re an overly sensitive water type, try very hard not to take things that aren’t meant to be taken personally, personally today. If you have performance or feedback sessions scheduled, it’s a good idea to see if you can re-schedule these for a day when your emotions aren’t quite so close to the surface.

With the Moon conjunct Jupiter, you too could be blowing things out of proportion, or feel like you have no room to move, or just that you want to swallow everything in sight. If you can, stick that playlist (you know the one- the one guaranteed to lift your mood, the one that makes you bop your shoulders behind the wheel in time to the beat) onto the stereo for your commute. It might just give you a head start.

On the up side, with this amount of friction, there’s the potential for breakthroughs as well as breakdowns. Giving into emotional overloads will guarantee the latter, while a practical work through it attitude will make the former a little more likely.

There’s more to come, so unless you have the option of sitting under a tree on top of a mountain and staring at your own navel for the next few weeks, it’s best to just try and roll with it, and grab the breakthroughs- when they come- with open hands.

The worst thing you can do at present is resist, dig your heels in, and try to hang onto- or fix- what no longer has any integrity.

Don’t forget your brolly.

Oh and to my 3rd favourite Aries and BMF, Happy Birthday! I’ve just checked out your Solar Return- you’re in for a seriously interesting ride, with lots to look forward to….