Something about a smash cake- and a little seething…

The highlight of today has been the Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini.

My sister in law made this smash cake for my nephews’ first birthday party. The deal was pop the cake in the middle of a picnic rug, sing Happy Birthday quickly, and then get out of the way as all the kids hands make for the cake. Gemini does, of course, rule the hands and fingers. How very social, how very Moon in Gemini, how very Jupiter- and abundance of hands, icing and cake crumbs. How clever of my wonderful sister in law.

The Gemini Lunar energy will be with us for another day, so those of us in the Southern Hemisphere will start Monday under a surge of busyness. Use that multi-tasking energy to, well, multi-task!

The week ahead has a Pluto feel to it.

Soon after the Moon enters Cancer, the monthly opposition to Pluto will occur. That’s cool, we deal with this one every month and now know all the tricks- you know, the bits about rage, volcanoes, resentment and my favourite Moon-Pluto word “seething”.

This month, we get some added spice courtesy of sweet little Venus, who is just a tad less sweet and a tad more passive aggressive in Cancer- especially when in opposition to Pluto.

I’ll probably post more on this as we get closer to it, but here are a couple of tasters I prepared earlier:

Pleasure and Pain


In the best Pluto tradition, this one will start to be felt well before it is exact- in a brooding, intense sort of way.

If you have Venus natally aspecting Pluto, or venus in Scorpio, you’ll feel quite at home with this energy. If you don’t, well, it could be fun…