Daily Planets

Something about a showdown…


Another day, another aspect.

Todays star is the opposition between the Sun and Mars.

In one corner we have the Sun. He’s looking seriously good, muscles gleaming, biceps that are swooningly good. Ok, I’m getting a tad carried away. In the audience are his followers. They’re cheering and hollering. He’s feeling pretty good too. This moment is his, this victory is his.

In the opposite corner is Mars. He’s a little envious- the Sun is where he wants to be. That audience should be his, that cheering should be for him. It should be the ink on his biceps that everyone is admiring.

Not that he’ll show it. Oh no. He’s dressed well for battle, he absolutely looks the part, and lets face it, brute strength doesn’t win every battle. Some fights are won before you even set foot in the stadium, and he has some well-placed henchmen ready to do his dirty work for him. In fact, if he plays his cards right, he won’t even need to break a sweat- and if he does, he has the right cologne.

Ok, I’ve made a little fun of this one, but the facts are:

  • There will be conflicts today- and make no mistake, egos will be involved. You might even find yourself facing off against people that you have either manipulated around to your point of view, or who you’ve convinced yourself are on your side. Expect this.
  • Unless you are operating in a Neptune/Venus inspired haze, you will be irritated today- possibly by little things, possibly by people who yesterday seemed reasonable. Expect this too.
  • Whatever irritates you today will tell you a lot about what your ego has attached to. Think about this.
  • You will feel like confronting someone or something today. While you might feel that a manipulative or passive aggressive attitude is the best way to go, swallowing your anger is not a good look. Nor is turning it into a Leo Moon inspired tantrum of diva proportions. Aim for a slow, yet positively assertive release- and have a plan B or an exit strategy.
  • Things might come to a conclusion, a climax or some other word starting with c today. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Where’s the good news, I hear you ask?

I was just getting to that part.

Well, it’ll only last a day or so….

Seriously though, this one can bring with it self-awareness. If you’re really honest and look past your cheering audience, you’ll be able to see the truth of what your ego has attached to, and the consequences associated with that.

How to handle things when they feel like they’re getting out of control?

  • If you have any meetings that could explode, pre-plan what you want to say, and have the facts close to hand.
  • Don’t under any circumstances blow off your training today.
  • Find five minutes to deep breathe and re-centre yourself.
  • Drink plenty of water to stop the fire from over heating you.
  • Eat green veg and cooling foods- chillis and spice today will only add fuel to the fire.