Something about a royal bub…


Tuesday July 23

Moon in Aquarius

Don’t worry, it’s just a small something- there are plenty of other astrologers out there writing lots…

Sure there’s a lot of cynicism surrounding this bub- and that’s ok- but the birth of any baby is a new and exciting thing. What’s more exciting for us is that royals and celebrities are, perhaps unwittingly, perfect examples of how astrology works in real life. We use them for forecasting, relationship astrology, historical research stuff…you name it.

Anyways, the new arrivals chart is above.

It shows the importance of a birth time- note the degree of both his Sun and Moon. Just 30 or so minutes later, he would have a 0 Leo Sun.

Other stuff to note:

  • the stellium in Cancer,
  • the 8th house stellium- reinforced by an intense Scorpio Ascendant
  • the rather water-logged Mars given some elevation and ooomph by a conjunction to Jupiter,
  • a Full Moon birth that links both his father’s Sun and his mother’s Moon
  • Venus in Virgo isn’t happy, but is conjunct the royal star Regulas- perfect for a prince
  • the Grand Trine

Naturally there’s lots more to say, but it’s early here and the lord of my manor hasn’t yet delivered my coffee.



  1. Looking forward to reading your analysis for the royal baby. Thought I’d spend the morning practicing my skills and doing an analysis myself. With the Sun at 29 degree 59 as my chart makes it, I’d have to consider him a 00 degree Leo – would you? Same with the Moon so late in Capricorn….would you push these cusp planets into the next sign? I am always inclined to, but they do pose a dilemma for us.

    1. It’s fascinating, hey? I’m a traditionalist when it comes to signs, and don’t “read” it into the next. I regard the last and first degrees as critical or anoretic degrees- & important for those reasons. The best thing about astrology though, is how we can apply the layers that work for each of us & still, somehow, arrive at similar conclusions.

      1. Yes, I am very interested in considering this, the idea of the critical degrees. As I wrote this I thought well, why would this baby be born 30 or so minutes OUT from the 00 degree Leo point, if only because it IS important somehow. So i am very open to considering and reconsidering, and this chart really begs a few important questions, for me at least.

        Thanks very much Jo.

  2. Oh, and just an addition, I make that Grand trine into a Kite, with Pluto sextiling Saturn and Neptune, and opposing Mars-Jupiter (and I’ve got the vertex up there too!).

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