Something about a round tummy…


Sunday December 15

Moon in Taurus

Moon into Gemini

I’ll keep this update quick. I’m off to lunch…again…today.

I’ve lost count how many this is, but don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m complaining. Oh no. I’m grateful that I have so many people I can catch up with and share news with and hear their news and their dreams and their wishes and hopes. And so many people I can eat with…

I joked yesterday that the closest I’ve got to training over the last couple of weeks has been the train into the city for lunch!

Besides which, the Moon is in Taurus still- for most of the day, for those of us in Aus- and Taurus rules the throat and all things wonderfully tasty that we put down it.

It’s a great time for kicking back, relaxing into the moment, and savouring, well, life. Having said that, if I’m not careful, I’ll be looking a little like the Buddha from my (current) favourite foodie place- Chinta Ria, in Darling Harbour.

Taurus Moon is also a good time for shopping, spending money, looking for value, looking for beautiful things, so, if you haven’t yet finished your Christmas shopping, you know what you should be doing!