Daily Planets

Something about a pivot table and some pixie dust…


At the beginning of this year, I made a vow to be grown up, responsible and mature. I was going to put boundaries in place- where boundaries needed to be; I was going to say no- when no needed to be said; and I was going to spend my Neptune/Mercury transit writing a romance novel.


Which is, of course, why I’ve taken on more commercial writing work than I’ve had in years, am back fulltime (albeit temporarily) in a corporate role, and rather than dreaming up ways of getting my hero and heroine to finally fall for each other, I’m trying my best to wrangle spreadsheets, pivot tables, and complicated macros.

Today, as Venus and Neptune get ever closer to their own personal dream come true love match, the rest of us will most probably be applying detail to our day to day that we haven’t been able to apply during the firestorm that has been this week.

The Virgo Moon is perfect for those jobs we’ve been putting off. It’s perfect for applying order to chaos. It’s perfect for fixing that pivot table that you’re pretty sure you broke yesterday… or is that just me?

Naturally, though, it doesn’t do all of this on its own. Both the body and the spirit must be willing- or something like that. And with the Moon facing off against Neptune, the spirit is likely to be wishing itself somewhere else.

So, it could be one of those days where you roll your sleeves up and get up to date, or it could be one of those days where you wish you could wrinkle your nose, tap your heels together three times, sprinkle it all with some fairy dust, and start the weekend early.

As for me, I have deadlines that need to be hunted down, and a pivot table that needs fixing. Where’s that pixie dust when I need it most?